Product Marketing & Distribution

Product Marketing & DistributionPersonable typically distributes its products via independent retailers and wholesalers and has established a network of 2,500 distributors in California and the western United States. Personable has established a brand and a reputation for friendly, excellent service and for delivering consistently better products to customers.

Personable’s management team has been managing the sales and marketing of insurance programs for the past 20 years and understands very clearly the needs of its customers at the point-of-sale. As such, Personable has integrated advanced online POS capabilities into its systems making it one of the easiest insurance providers to work with in the marketplace. All of Personable’s customer-facing workflows and systems processes are designed with customer ease of use in mind, so that such things as real-time policy inquiry and post sale endorsement processing can occur in a retailer's office online.

All of these capabilities are highly leveraged by Personable (and by extension by its partners) when the Company introduces a new insurance program. As a result, Persoanble's new programs gain market adoption and traction faster within the chosen distribution channel compared to competitor's offerings.

If you are an insurance carrier and you would like additional information about Personable’s Marketing and Distribution capabilities, please contact marketing at or call (619) 702-7022 option 5.