Non-Standard Auto Insurance

All Star specializes in underwriting non-standard auto insurance. Non-standard auto insurance provides coverage to drivers who, due to their driving record, age, vehicle type, or history of poor financial responsibility, do not qualify for coverage in the standard markets. Naturally, these perceived higher risk drivers pay substantially higher premiums than standard drivers.

The non-standard auto market represents $22 billion – or about 18% - of the $120 billion personal auto insurance market in the United States. The segment has been growing steadily in the U.S. over the past decade as standard companies have further restricted their underwriting guidelines and as some states abandoned government sponsored assigned risk facilities in favor of free market solutions. A number of states have also passed mandatory insurance laws that further add to the population of available non-standard insureds. It is estimated that the non-standard auto insurance market is growing at a rate of about 6% annually, which is faster than the personal auto insurance business as a whole.

In California, the non-standard automobile insurance marketplace is the largest in the United States generating approximately $4.5 billion in written premiums annually. The non-standard market is highly fragmented in that there are generally only a few large non-standard auto carriers operating in the major marketplaces. Over the past few years the number of non-standard competitors in the market has declined slightly. In general, the dominant players today tend to be companies that have been active in the marketplace over the longer term and the market has generated stable and good returns for these specialist primary carriers and their reinsurers.

The main underwriting considerations that make this class of business attractive are its low limits, short-tail nature, analytical and data-determined pricing characteristics, efficient system-driven processes and the relatively straightforward nature of claims handling. All Star is a very experienced and qualified underwriting manager for this class of business. Its management team has produced and underwritten over $2 billion of non-standard auto premiums over the past 15 years.